Collaboration with Eurobank

The MSc in Economics announces its collaboration with Eurobank to grant Scholarships to its students, based on their academic performance during their studies at the MSc program.

This Scholarship program, entitled "Eurobank Scholarship", will be implemented for the students of the 2022 and 2023 admission series and it may continue in the future.

Eurobank, as part of the development of corporate social responsibility actions, will grant 3 scholarships of a total amount of €5,000, per admission series, to an equal number of students of the MSc in Economics, who will cumulatively meet the following conditions:

a) have succeeded in all first and second semester courses in the regular exam period

b) have an average score, in total in the first and second semester courses, greater than or equal to 7.5 (seven and a half) and

c) have paid all the tuition fees of the program.

The amount will be distributed as follows:

a) €2,500 to the first ranked student.

b) €1,600 to the second ranked student.

c) €900 to the third ranked student.

In the event of two or more students have the same average score or in the event that the beneficiary students are less than three, the scholarship amount will be redistributed to the beneficiary(ies) in a proportional manner.

We sincerely thank Eurobank for its support.