Entrance Requirements

To be accepted into the Master’s Programme in International Negotiations, students are required to have an undergraduate degree from a Greek Institution of Higher Education, or an undergraduate degree from a foreign Institution of Higher Education which has been recognized by the Hellenic National Academic Recognition Information Center, in accordance with the provisions of Greek law, as specified in the Programme’s Studies Regulations.

The Master’s Programme in International Negotiations is aimed at a wide range of candidates who are university graduates with different knowledge and different scientific backgrounds, who have different personal or professional interest in issues related to negotiations, such as economists, lawyers, political scientists, specialists in international relations, and executives in the broader public sector who in their daily life participate in negotiation games at the national and/or international levels or aspire to advance professionally in such positions.

Furthermore, the Programme is designed to enable university graduates who want to complete their Master’s studies as quickly as possible to study within the framework of the full-time programme. At the same time, it is also designed for executives in the private or public sector who – on the one hand, because of their professional career and development need to acquire the knowledge and skills offered by the Programme, but on the other hand, because of their professional obligations – will choose to complete their studies within the framework of the part-time programme.