Strategic Partnerships

Joint Certificate σε Business Intelligence and Data Mining με την SAS

The postgraduate program in collaboration with SAS establishes a joint certification program "Certificate Program in BusinessIntelligence and Data Mining", which aims to train students to:

  1. Access data sources, manage data and perform statistical analyses with the SAS Enterprise Guide,
  2. Investigate vast amounts of data in order to find patterns, trends and groupings and generate relevant reports using SAS Visual Analytics and
  3. Apply forecasting modeling and pattern discovery techniques for important business problems using the SAS Enterprise Miner.

The program includes both theoretical training through four selected courses of the MSc and practical training on the SAS platform. As part of the certificate requirements, students complete a Milestone Project using real data of sufficient size, thus gaining practical experience in how to analyze and utilize the SAS platform.

SAP University Alliances - University Competence Center

The postgraduate program, participating in the SAPUA/UCC (SAP University Alliances/University Competence Center) program, offers its students the opportunity to acquire SAP end-user skills (SAP end user). Through the hands-on practical approach, students acquire basic skills in using the main functions and subsystems of the SAP ERP system. In particular, they understand how core business processes interact with SAP ERP in functional areas such as Sales & Distribution (SD), Materials Management (MM), Production Planning (PP), Financial Accounting (FI), Human Resource Management (HCM). Students attending the program have the opportunity to expand their acquisition of knowledge and skills in SAP end user by taking advantage of access to training programs that prepare for SAP end user (TERP) certification by SAP AG. They also have the opportunity to prepare an internship in an SAP environment in collaboration with SAP Hellas (Limited number of positions).

Professional Certification in Project Management

The course "Project Management" presents the complete framework for successful Project Management in any field of business, activity and is aligned with the Framework of the World Organization PMI (Project Management Institute), and specifically the syllabus of the course is a large part of the examined syllabus for the most popular (and well-paid) certifications PMP (Project Management Professional) and CAPM, (Certified Associate in Project Management). Also followed by the ISO21500 (Guidance on Project Management) standard. In this way, those postgraduate students who successfully attend the course will have a significant advantage in the exams for PMP & CAPM certifications (if they so choose) and will also be able to support the alignment of their business with the ISO21500 standard

Field-Study Project combined with Internship

The Postgraduate Program, taking advantage of the excellent relationship of the Department of Management Science and Technology with the labor market, enables students, within the framework of their thesis, to perform a Field Study Project (project lasting 4-6 months that concerns real needs, utilizing the knowledge from the postgraduate courses)  in a company/organization that can be combined with an Internship in the same organization. Therefore, students gain real work experience and knowledge of how organizations operate on a daily basis. Companies that already offer this useful opportunity to postgraduate students are: Deloitte, Nestle, OPAP, Johnson & Johnson, National Bank of Greece, IPG Mediabrands, etc.

Microsoft Fundamentals (ERP/Dynamics, Azure, BI platform & apps, Security issues, etc)

The MSc in Research collaborates with Microsoft in the framework of the MSLE Program. The program offers learning materials and educational activities so that participating students have the opportunity to train and properly prepare for participation in certification exams of all Microsoft Fundamentals (ERP / Dynamics, Azure, BI platform & apps, Security issues, etc). In addition, those who choose to do so have the opportunity to proceed with training for the preparation of specialized certifications that are directly related to the demand in the labor market.

Salesforce (Salesforce Certified Administrator)

In the academic year 2022-23, the preparation of the students of the MSc for certification in Salesforce CRM (Salesforce Certified Administrator) is expected to take place.

Implementation of an Innovative Educational Process

From the academic year 2021-22, the MSc in Management Science and Technology adopts an Innovative Educational Process which concerns the implementaion of Competitions in the context of courses in collaboration with large companies (KAYKAS, INTERSPORT). 

The subject of the Tender may concern either the resolution of an issue concerning the company or it has as its subject an issue that the company would like to investigate but does not have the appropriate staff in the company to do so.  For this reason, it provides real data of the company in the respective courses, students are asked to solve the specific problem / issue in groups, as a simulation in normal working conditions and in the end the students present the results of their work before a committee. The committee consists of both Teachers of the MSc and executives of the company concerned by the Competition. After the evaluation, the team with the best work is awarded and receives gifts from the company.  In 100% of the competitions that have taken place, the winners have been offered either internships or regular jobs.