The AUEB Teacher Education Program and the Hellenic Institute for Group Analytic and Family Psychotherapy (founder : Matthew Josafat), in collaboration with the 2nd PE.K.ES. Attica (5th / 03.03.2021 Plenary Act) organized on Tuesday 30 March 2021, from 12:00 to 14:00 a two-hour online seminar on:

"Life skills in school: The importance of self-knowledge in empowering students and how is it achieved"

"Life Lessons", as an experiential laboratory is applied from 2017 in the undergraduate AUEB Teacher Education Program as part of the training of candidate teachers.

In the meeting, the Principals or one (1) representative of the Directorate of the School Unit, the School Life Counselors [for the Secondary school units] and the Psychologist placed in the school unit, were invited to participate from the area of ​​the 2nd PE.K.ES. Attica .

Mr. Pantelis Papadopoulos, Psychiatrist, Group Psychotherapist, President of the Hellenic Institute for Group Analytic and Family Psychotherapy (founder Matthew Giosafat), Mrs. Annita Loudarou, Psychologist, Group Psychotherapist, member of the Hellenic Institute for Group Analytic and Family Psychotherapy have been the main speakers.

The discussion was moderated by Dr. Vasiliki Brinia, Scientific Director of the AUEB Teacher Education Program.

The presentations focused on the fact that children at school need teachers who can encourage them, develop team spirit and contribute to the development of their skills. "Life Skills" can contribute in this direction, educating teachers to be more effective in their teaching and helping the emotional maturation of students. The ability offered in schools by the School Life Counselor was emphasized (Government Gazette 4183 / no. Decision 129431 / GD4 / t.B '/ 28-9-20) to introduce life lessons in schools where a group of students can become "a life education workshop". Any negative behavior can be improved or even changed through the repetition of what we call the "corrective experience" that brain plasticity can provide. Many real examples of this in schools have been developed during the webinar .

The response of the participants was enthusiastic and numerous. Several questions have been asked and the discussion that was developed was lively and gathered everyone's interest, thus putting a seed of reflection and further deepening in the issue of self-knowledge and its importance in empowering students.

The webinar was held on the CISCO WEBEX platform.