" The antibodies of authority "

"The antibodies of authority"

Andriani Gkouma

 Eleni Deimezi

Maria Primikiriou

Anastasios Oikonomou

Through this project we tried to express the need to abolish the teacher-centered and strengthen the student-centered model of teaching and learning as well as the experiential method.
The use of log - wood for the symbolism of the teacher-centered model aims to attribute the lack of vitality and humidity . As a dead body part that has now lost its life and is dryness , the teacher-centered method is impersonal and enhances sterile memorization without satisfying students' interaction needs, self-action, initiative and often, play.

Soft as a material, styrofoam shows how adaptable and receptive a student can be in changing conditions . Although difficult to shape and edit in its format, it can easily accept other material as the student accepts the changes and changing knowledge in the school environment. The sphere is round, which highlights the multifaceted personality of the student and is painted in a puzzle shape to emphasize the complexity of the character in adolescence.

The three aluminum wires start from the center of gravity of the sphere - student  and connect it imaginatively with the log - teacher-centered system. This is also the imaginary line between student and teacher-centered model . The hole in the log is on the left side, the side of the heart and the sharp wires  pierce it.

Sharp and with strong content (emotion, knowledge and energy) syringes pierce with their needles the teacher-centered model that wants the teacher authority and vaccinate it with the appropriate "ingredients" to regain the vitality of a collaborative and student-centered model that will allow the student to fully and consciously participate in the whole learning process.