Completion of the Innovative Action "Education, Entrepreneurship and Culture" for the 2019-2020 Academic Year

The “Education, entrepreneurship and cultural heritage” Initiative

Theme : "Proposals to exploit the cultural reserve of Eleusis in the context of the Athenian trilogy"

Scientific Director of the Action:

Dr Vasiliki Brinia

This year, the students of the AUEB Teacher Education Program took part in the innovative action «Education, Entrepreneurship and Culture» , which is implemented for the third consecutive academic year by the Program in collaboration with the Diazoma Association . This year's meeting of the collaborators for the evaluation of the work plans of the students who took part in the innovative action was very different:

The meeting, which was held on June 10, 2020, did not take place, as usual, at the office of Dr. Vasiliki Brinia, teacher and scientific director of the Program, but outdoors due to the measures imposed to limit COVID-19. In addition to Dr. Vasiliki Brinia, Dr. Panagiotis Mastrantonis, Mary Belogianni and Theodoros Benos, volunteers at the Diazoma Association and for the first time Mr. George Tziros, Professor of Economics at the American College of Economics in Greece and representative of the Xenophon scientific journal, were present..

The theme the students had to develop for this year was: "Proposals to exploit the cultural reserve of Eleusis in the context of the Athenian trilogy".

The work that distinguished was entitled: «ELEUSIS : CULTURAL ROUTES»  and was a product of the students' collaboration: Mrs. Anastasia Giarmatziadi, Mrs. Andriani Gkouma, Mrs. Eleni Deimezi, Mr. Christos Katsionis and Mrs. Danai Panteli. Its presentation and award will be planned at an event organized by Upper Diazoma next year.


The evaluation committee of the projects met on 10/6/2020 and consisted of Vasiliki Brinia, Mary Bellogianni, Panagiotis Mastrantonis, Theodoros Benos and Georgios Tziros. The committee assessed the work as follows:


  1. Anastasia Giarmatziadi
  2. Andriani Gkouma
  3. Eleni Deimezi
  4. Christos Katsionis
  5. Danai Panteli


  1. Stavroula Papafragka
  2. Argiro Karahaliou
  3. Sophia Gavioti
  4. Panagiotis Kafetzopoulos
  5. Elisavet Panagopoulou

  1. Eleni Michali
  2. Stergianna Siolou
  3. Christianna Moulinou
  4. Stamatia Fountedaki
  5. Orestis Bobolakis

  1. Konstantina Antonopoulou
  2. Dimitra Balabani
  3. Panagiota Katri
  4. Stavroula Tseroni
  5. Afroditi Stavropoulou

The awards of the teams and the presentation of their work will take place at an open event in 2021.