Completion of the Publication of the 2nd Issue of JETM, December 2020

The 2nd issue for 2020 of the Journal of Education and Teaching Methodology (JETM), published by Australia-based NADIA, has been successfully completed. The Editor-in-Chief of the journal Dr. Vasiliki Brinia, lecturer and scientific director of the AUEB Teacher Education Program, as well as the Associate Editor Dr. Britta Klopsch of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) based in Germany, presented a series of articles by outstanding international researchers on education-related topics that are expected to have an impact on the academic community.

Between the six articles included in the 2nd edition of the journal, the comparative study of the effectiveness that experientiality gives to the pedagogical competence programs of the Athens University of Economics, the Harvard Graduate School of Education and the Stanford Graduate School of Education stands out. Professor and scientific director of the AUEB Teacher Education Program, Dr. Vasiliki Brinia, in collaboration with the members of the Scientific Team of the Program Konstantina Antonopoulou and Christos Katsionis, examine through their study "An Innovative Approach to Teacher Education: Examination of the Experientiality’s Efficiency in Teacher Education Programs in AUEB" to the extent that innovative and experiential actions help prospective teachers both in their personal lives and in their subsequent professional careers. The factors of practical experience in the classroom, of the additional experiential activities but also of the interconnection of art, culture and education emerge as important for the students' experience,  which justifies the success of the AUEB Teacher Education Program in the academic community.


Five more articles are included in the publication of the journal, which concern issues of education both in Greece and abroad and are available to the general academic and non- public, through the website of the journal. With her article "Identity, Creativity and Well-Being in German Schools of the Arts." Associate Editor of the journal Dr. Britta Klopsch of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, explores the importance of developing skills by students of Art Schools in Germany and their different approaches to learning processes through the creativity and the empathy they develop.

In addition, with the study "Perceived Competence of the Primary Education Administrative Staff in Thessaloniki, Greece Based on their Experience and the School District", Dr. Adamos Anastasiou of the Hellenic Open University examines the importance of the skills and training required to receive administrative executives, while with their article "Action Research and Professional Community of Learning and Practice: A Dynamic Synergy of Educators Even During the Pandemic" Dr. Alexandra Androusou and Dr. Vassilios Tsafos, professors of the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens study the effectiveness of the methodology of action research on the integration of refugee children in Greek society.

Nadia Publication

The contribution of researchers from universities outside Europe is also important. In their article "Challenges in Building a Virtual Community of Learning and Practice in Psychology in Times of Pandemic", Dr. Wilsa Maria Ramos and Dr. Cristiane Faiad, along with their research team from the University of Brasília, Brazil, analyze the effectiveness of the creation of an innovative digital learning community in the field of Psychology, which bridges the gap created in interpersonal relationships due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Finally, with the research "A Qualitative Analysis on Korean History Test of College Scholastic Ability Test in South Korea" that completes the publication, Dr. Jihye Bae, Seoul, Tosung Primary School, South Korea examines the form of exams that take place in the course of history for the admission to South Korean colleges and the need to modernize these admission methods.

The aim of the participation of the AUEB Teacher Education Program in the publication of an international educational journal based in Australia which is one of the leading countries in educational research, is excellence, extroversion and innovation which are also strategic objectives of the Program.