Digital Guided tour of the art exhibition of Mr. George Stamatakis "The color of Phenomenon"

Art that knows no borders and unites

Digital tour of the Sumida Hokusai Museum in Tokyo, Japan for the students of the AUEB Teacher Education Program

Art and the emotions it evokes are an integral part of the philosophy of the AUEB Teacher Education Program, thus that couldn’t stop even in the special conditions we experience due to the Covid pandemic.

More specifically, on Friday 2020-12-18, the students of the Program, with the presence of the teacher and scientific director of the Program Dr Vasiliki Brinia, as well as members of the Scientific Team, had the opportunity to browse remotely, through the Microsoft Teams platform, to the exhibition "The color of phenomenon" of Mr George Stamatakis, artist of the School of Fine Arts and collaborator of the Program for several years. The tour of the exhibition, which was carried out by the artist himself, took place in the context of the innovative action "Art and Education", which will be completed during the upcoming spring semester, with the students of the Program creating their own artworks.

The Color of Phenomenon - George Stamatakis   

The original installation of the distinguished artwork consists of 62 landscapes of the Greek sea, and more specifically of the Ionian Sea, which after special processing have been imprinted on natural silk with the use of the special color indigo. The purpose of the exhibition is to capture the changes that the color of the sea undergoes due to pollution and climate change, altering its pure blue and sometimes either getting closer to the shades of green or those of yellow. Utilizing the philosophy of "visual culture" in fact, the works of Mr Stamatakis acquire a unique character not only from their material and texture but also from their conceptual profile and the way they are presented, as the organization of the installation allows layers of air to penetrate and "embrace" his works, offering the viewer the feeling of a perpetual wave and an endless journey.


Artist George Stamatakis with Hashimoto Mitsuaki, Director of the Sumida Hokusai Museum

Yukari Sakata (performance director) Takako Abe (performer) Maho Watanabe (coordinator)

Yukari Sakata (Performance Director), Takako Abe (Performer), Maho Watanabe (Coordinator)

It is worth noting that the exhibition of Mr George Stamatakis was awarded by the Arts Council and the Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture and was selected to be presented at the Tokyo Tokyo Festival (TTF), in the context of the Olympic Games from its capital Country of the Rising Sun next summer. The new students were thrilled by this special stimulus they received and renewed their appointment with the artist Mr George Stamatakis for the next semester, hoping this time the conditions will allow the realization of the actions by physical presence!

You can see photos from the exhibition and the digital tour right here.