Education for Sustainability a field research at Pedion Areos: The last day of the academic year 2018-2019

On Thursday 16 May 2019, the last action of the Teacher Education Program of the Athens University of Economics and Business took place for the year 2018-2019. The students of the program, together with the responsible teacher Dr. Vasiliki Brinia and in collaboration with the "Geopedia" Organization, carried out an Environmental Education Action at Pedion Areos, next to the Athens University of Economics and Business. The action was titled "Walking, Discovering, Learning". The aim of the field research was to enable students to organize an educational field research with environmental content and to use the natural environment as a means of experiential learning in their teaching work.

The meeting point of Environmental Education was the statue of King Constantine at the main entrance of Pedion Areos. There, besides their responsible professor, the students were waiting for the three students of the organization "Geopedia", who were their trainers during the environmental program at Pedion Areos. The first stop of this enviroment was "The Sreet of Heroes". It is a wide street in this park, which contains statues of heroes of the Greek Revolution of 1821, which pop out through the shrub plants of the alpine. Walking along this road one can reach the church of Taxiarches, where there is the statue of Ypsilantis. At this point the students of the program were informed about the regeneration of the park, which in the past had been in decline. The rich vegetation with the innumerable plant varieties gave the group of students the opportunity to understand the interaction of the individual with the environment and the close relationship with which they are linked and hence the connection of the environment with their knowledge objects. Following the Environmental Education, the students were transferred to the north side of the park, having first passed through the open-air "Alice" amphitheater, sometimes used for shows, events or concerts.

By completing environmental education, the travel curve of the year 2018-2019 closed with a circle. All the students, along with their responsible teacher Dr Vasiliki Brinia, holding each other by the hand, formed a circle and discussed what they were taking with them after that journey. Immediately, a stream of emotions conquered the atmosphere. Everyone, in his own different way, described in simple words of heart, without composing thoughts and hesitations, everything they felt during the year that passed through the Program, which was an unforgettable and unique experience for everyone.

The experience gained by the students and the students of the program will be deeply engraved in their soul, regardless of whether they will eventually choose to take up the field of education.

A unique trip with unforgettable experiences has come to an end as a first step in the journey of the thousands of miles and new experiences are ahead as the teacher owes lifelong learning and being updated.