Experiential Workshop on Innovative Activities of Freinet's Pedagogy with wishes for the new year and Christmas mood

In a festive mood, the meetings of the Teacher Education were completed for 2019. Specifically, on Friday 13/12/2019 the students of the program participated in an experiential workshop at the Athens University of Economics and Business, which involved Celestin Freinet's Pedagogy and was organized by Dr. Vasiliki Brinia in collaboration with teacher Katerina Pouris and the theatrical-educationalist Maria Zacharopoulou ,who are members of the "Skasiarxeio"  teaching team.

During the first part of the Experimental Workshop ,they introduced the Freinet technique "What's new?" ,which is a structural component of the working class and is governed by continuous interaction and specific rules that promote self-discipline and respect, such as: everybody listens to the one who speaks and they do not comment, we ask the permission to speak and the one who has spoken the least times has priority. This action can take place in a classroom in a particular day of the week and for a period of 10 minutes at the beginning of a lesson, so that students are aware of it in advance after having a familiar process in their school life.It is worth noting that in this technique, all students sit in a circle with the teacher who, through targeted questions, coordinates the process and the students are invited to perform specific metier- tasks such as writing down the process , respect the time and manage who gets the word, which strengthens the team spirit and their sense of responsibility.

In the second part of the experiential workshop, the moderators focused on one more Freinet technique, the "Class Council", which can be held at regular intervals and is the central means by which all classroom members express their views, submit their proposals and make decisions based on the students' common will, who also assume roles and responsibilities arising from their needs. The students of the Program applied these two, asking "What's new?" and conducting the "Class Council" during which they shared their own suggestions, criticisms and rewards, eventually reaching the group's decision-making. At the end of the experiential workshop, the students exchanged wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy, full of experiences New Year and gladly renewed their appointment in 2020 with the Scientific Director of the Program, Dr. Vasiliki Brinia!

The photos of the team reveal the widespread excitement of the students of the Program as well as their eagerness to continue in 2020 on the path they started wishing this road to be full of experience and knowledge ...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020 !!!