Field research in Eleusis on 2/4/2022: A beautiful experience...

"Eleusis always keeps something hidden for those who will visit it again",

Lucius Anneus Seneca, 4 BC

On Saturday April 2, 2022, the students of the Teacher Education Program of AUEB participated in field research that was designed within the framework of the innovative action "Culture, Education and Entrepreneurship". Specifically, they visited the archaeological site of Eleusis as well as the old railway station, under the guidance of the mentor of the project "Culture, Education and Entrepreneurship", Mr. Georgios Tziros, the award-winning economist-educator and representative of the educational-economic magazine "XENOPHON".

In Eleusis, students had the opportunity to discuss with the deputy mayor of the municipality of Eleusis and responsible for the Cultural Capital of Europe projects, Mr. Fotios-Panagiotis Tatakis. He guided them through the archaeological site of the city and informed them about its cultural reserve and the plans for the utilization of its infrastructure. In addition to that, the students discussed various ideas for the sustainable development of the city and about the artistic events that have been organized and will be presented to the public in the near future with Mr. Ioannis Koukmas, responsible for Development and Public Participation. The meeting was also attended by the Mayor of Eleusis, Mr. Argyris Economou, who welcomed the students to the city of Eleusis and expressed his joy for the successful cooperation of the Municipality with the Teacher Education Program of AUEB for one more year.

The archaeological site of Eleusis has been a point of reference through the centuries due to its historical, religious, and cultural importance. The students who visited it had the opportunity to discuss with Mr. Tatakis about its history and utilization in recent years, the cultural events that take place in Eleusis, and to tour the Roman Court, the Propylaea and the Telesterion of the Sanctuary where the Eleusinian Mysteries used to be performed. The deputy mayor also informed the students about the successful artistic activities that have taken place in the city in recent years, such as the concert of Mrs. Maria Farantouri at the Old Olive Mill of Elefsina and the annual Aeschylia Festival (https://aisxylia. gr/). It is worth noting that the Church of Panagitsa Mesosporitissa which is located on the hill above the archaeological site was added to the National Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Greece in August 2020, while the custom of polysporia that takes place on the eve of the Presentation of Virgin Mary survived with it, reminding visitors of the coexistence of ancient beliefs and the Christian element, as well as the perpetual flow of history expressed through the monuments of Eleusis.

Following their visit to the historic city, the students along with Mr. Tziros visited the old railway station which was built in 1884 and is currently hosting the offices of the 2023 ELEVSIS team who are responsible for organizing the art events for Eleusis as the European Capital of Culture in 2023, with Mr. Michael Marmarinos as the General Artistic Director. In the courtyard of the station, the students met with Mr. Koukmas, Director of Development and Public Participation, who informed them about the volunteer programs that have been organized in the city that aim to motivate young people to utilize the cultural heritage of the region as well as about the various business actions that have been implemented or that could be researched by the students of the Teacher Education Program of AUEB. Mr. Koukmas discussed with the students about their project "Culture, Education and Entrepreneurship" and answered several questions of theirs. At the same time, Mr. Koukmas stressed the multicultural identity of Eleusis, which has received several waves of internal and external immigrants who have left their own cultural and economic imprint and have contributed to the formation of the city.

The field research was completed with the students meeting with the Mayor of Eleusis, Mr. Argyris Economou, and receiving sweets and souvenirs, inspired by the 2023 Eleusis project. The students with the help of their mentor, Mr. Tziros, had the opportunity to take an important step towards the creation of their own business plan by exploring the historic city of Eleusis and discussing with the people who work for the development of Eleusis through the connection of the city's past with the future and its culture with entrepreneurship.

At the end of the visit everyone felt it was a beautiful day and an unforgettable experience...

The aim of the curriculum of the Teacher Education Program of the Athens University of Economics and Business is to connect theory with practice so that students can participate in experiential activities, which promote the cultivation of creativity and "thinking outside of the box" so that the subjects taught in economics and informatics in schools are perceived not only verbally and logically but also through the utilization of culture, the monuments and the cultural reserve of Greece, by promoting actions of youth entrepreneurship that aim at the greatest possible social and economic benefit.

see photos from the action here