Financial education at the Hellenic Lyceum - "XENOFON" Event 2022

An innovative research of the Curriculum in the Sciences of Education of the AOP in collaboration with the educational magazine "XENOFON" to highlight the need to strengthen Economic Education in the Greek High School

True to its vision for a better and more multidimensional education of future economist teachers with a view to strengthening economic education in Greece, the AUEB Teacher Education Program  continued for the academic year 2021/2022 a long course of scientific cooperation with the magazine "XENOFON", the result of which is the joint research conducted in order to highlight the need to strengthen financial education in the Greek High School.

The research, hosted in the 7th Issue of the magazine, was addressed to both Public and Private High Schools throughout the country, with 354 students answering questions that revolved around 3 main research questions: a) The importance and adequacy of finance knowledge of the Lyceum, b) The necessity of extending the teaching of economics to other classes of the Lyceum beyond C ', c) The connection of the teaching of economics in the Lyceum with the shift to economic studies and at the level of higher education.

The research, co-signed by the Scientific Officer and Instructor of the Program, Dr. Vasiliki Brinia, the members of the Scientific Team Mr. Konstantina Antonopoulou, Mr. Alexandros Dimos, Mr. Christos Katsionis and the economist teacher of the Schools - Mr. , highlighted as key conclusions: a) That students of all grades are interested in economics, either undergraduate or postgraduate, although the majority do not consider that they receive the necessary knowledge from high school, and b) That it is The need to strengthen economic education in the Lyceum with the focus on the extension of the already existing direction "Economics & Informatics" in the B 'Lyceum is imperative, since Economics is the only nationally examined course that has no continuity from the B' to the C ' Lyceum.

Opportunity for further discussion of the above conclusions, as well as the prospects that exist for the establishment of a more holistic economic education in the Greek Lyceum was the presentation of the new issue of the magazine "XENOFON", which took place at the hospitable facilities of the University of Piraeus on Monday / 06/2022. After a short greeting from the University Authorities, as well as the President of the Economic Chamber of Greece Mr. Konstantinos Kollias, the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal Mr. Aristides Notis spoke, presenting briefly the articles and studies hosted in the new issue. The speeches of Dr. followed. Georgios Archontas and Professor Georgios Panos, who analyzed the contribution to Economics of Nobel laureates Friedrich Hayek and Elinor Ostrom respectively, with the first half of the event concluding with a speech by Professor Mr. Theodos with theories of Ecological Equilibrium.

Then, Mr. Christos Katsionis and Mr. Panagiotis Prentzas presented the findings and conclusions of the research on the emergence of the need to enhance financial education in the Greek High School. Then they were presented by Professor Apostolos Filippopoulos and the Candidate Dr. Konstantinos Saravakos the results of the Student Competition of OPA "Hermes", as well as the Greek Economic Olympiad respectively.

Finally, for their work and contribution to Economics, both Professor Mr. Nikos Christodoulakis and the teacher Mr. Panagiotis Gialeris were awarded.

The event was coordinated by the journalist of ERT financial reporting, Mr. Rallou Alexopoulou, while those who attended renewed their appointment for next year and the presentation of the 8th issue, with the hope, the vision for a more modern and tailored to the needs of students financial education in Greece to have developed even more.

It is a special honor for the Curriculum in Educational Sciences of the AOP to be part of the developments concerning economic education in Greece and through the research and innovative actions it carries out to contribute significantly to them.

You can read more in the 7th issue of the magazine "XENOFON", which is published: