Guided tour of art exhibitions at the center of contemporary art "Ileana Tounta"



Within the framework of the Teacher Education Program of the Athens University of Economics and Business, the innovative action "Educating Teachers through Art" takes place, as art is considered an integral part of education. One of the external experiential actions introduced to the educational process, in the name of the thematic unit "Art and Education", is the visits to galleries and the on-site discussion with the artists.

Specifically, on Wednesday 10/11/2021, students participating in the Teacher Education Program, within the framework of the action "Art and Education", which will be completed during the upcoming spring semester with students constructing their own works of art on violence-bulling, visited together with the teacher and scientific coordinator Dr. Vassiliki Brinia, the solo exhibition of the visual artist of the Athens School of Fine Arts, and for many years a collaborator of the Program, Mr. George Stamatakis, entitled "Atmosphere". The continuous involvement of the distinguished artist with landscape painting leads to his specific work, which focuses on the environment and the new condition of changing the atmosphere, not only of its pollution but also of its color situation. The texture, the air, what we breathe. Visually, by creating a differentiated composition of color in proportion to oil, he gives his work the ability to alter his color by caring for and exposing him to bright or dark spots. Whatever happens, as he characteristically says, and with the environment: "the more we protect it, the brighter and brighter it will look, and the more we give it darkness or ignore it, the more toxic it will appear."

At the same time, students had the opportunity to tour the new exhibition of visual artist Eva Mitala "Atelier Portable", which is also hosted in the same contemporary art center. Passing from the environment to the culture, the students were confronted with the Japanese element expressed through a series of small sculptures and silkscreens in organzas, having as a source of inspiration the dozens of fans that the artist gathered during her travels in the Land of the Rising Sun. Through her works, the students got to know the poetry collection of Paul Claudel "One Hundred Phrases for Fans" and the Japanese art and writing, a reference point for the intellectual breadth of the new prospective teachers.

The students were thrilled by the particular stimuli they received, which motivated them to reflect on the position of man in terms of the environment and intercultural cooperation and contact, while they renewed their appointment with Mr. George Stamatakis for a visit and interaction in another gallery in December.

You can see photos from the event here.