" The hovering class of the 7th heaven"

"The hovering class of the 7th heaven"

Eleni Michali

Xristiana Moulinou

Orestis Bobolakis

Stergianna Siolou

Stamatia Fountedaki

Our artwork, entitled "The hovering class of the 7th Heaven" , consists of a colored square card that reflects a school room.

Our classroom has no walls and hangs from wire spirals and transparent lines, elements that symbolize ideas , timelessness but also dynamic life reserve strong>.

A ladder is placed in a downward direction, symbolizing the school-community connection.


On the room in a "π" shape layout are some cardboard workbenches. Behind them are 7 students, all made of different materials.

By choosing different materials to represent each student, we tried to give the difference that we believe prevails in a classroom.

Finally, in the middle of the room we have placed the teacher who is represented by a globe on which we have stuck pieces of each student's material, thus making a hint about the two-way teaching-learning  but also differentiated teaching .