Innovative actions of the spring semester 2019 “Art and Education” in collaboration with Athens School of Fine Arts

"Whoever loves a lot, tries a lot and manages a lot. And everything that is done with love is good"

Vincent Van Gogh, 1853-1890, Dutch painter



Innovative actions of the spring semester 2019

“Art and Education” in collaboration with Athens School of Fine Arts

With the end of the winter semester of 2018-2019, and in particular on Wednesday 9 January 2019, two two-hour meetings took place in AUEB, through which the two innovative successful actions of the curriculum of TEP AUEB of the last years with the scientific responsibility of Dr. Vasiliki Brinia: "Art and Education" in collaboration with the Athens School of Fine Arts and "Entrepreneurship, Education and Culture" in collaboration with DIAZOMA Association.

As "values" are raising the art and its connection with education, entrepreneurship and its connection with our culture, values that should be cultivated through the education of teacher-candidates- economists and computer scientists who will work in the future in Primary and Secondary Education. Starting on Wednesday 9 January 2019 with the section "Art and Education" with this year's topic for the spring semester on "The manifold image of the teacher", the students had the opportunity to discuss with artist Ioanna Grapsa how art can be connected with teaching and education in general, as well as ideas for its application to economic and IT subjects in Secondary Education. The importance of art in education was in general discussed and how art can be used for effective teaching.

Art is a global language that can create a common ground for communication and harmonious coexistence within schools. The aim of the innovative action "Art and Education" is for the participants to create their visual works in groups, with the help of basic graphic materials or other means, in collaboration with the School of Fine Arts, capturing what teachers' manifold image means to them. The aim of the experiential workshop is to help students use art as a language of communication and express themselves through it. In the framework of the workshop there will be a series of experiential workshops, visits and discussions with art galleries curators, artists, psychologists, etc.