PEDAGOGICAL FRENE: A successful year was completed in collaboration with the pedagogical team "to Skasiarchio" for pedagogy Frene and a school open to the community


A successful year was completed in collaboration with the pedagogical group "Skasiarxeio" for the promotion of Freinet pedagogy and a school open to the community

One of the objectives of AUEB's Teacher Education Program is for students to get acquainted with innovative pedagogical approaches and acquire the ability to break out of the school's "routine" and the standardization of teaching by alternating the teaching setting, means and methods at their discretion while focusing on the student and Democratic education.

In this context, the program's innovative action "New pedagogical movements– Célestin Freinet" was successfully completed, with Dr. Vasiliki Brinia's collaboration with the pedagogical team "Skasiarxeio" in order to promote the Freinet Pedagogy in Greece and the cooperation of the school with the community.

The topics briefly developed in the 2021-2022 academic year were:


1st meeting

Topic: The philosophy, vision and relationship of Freinet pedagogy with Institutional and Critical pedagogy

Speakers: Babis Baltas, Zoe Morou

2nd meeting

Topic: Collaborative classroom

Speakers: Stella Badikian

3rd meeting

Topic: Presentation of techniques "What's new?" and "Class Council"

Speakers: Maria Zacharopoulou, Katerina Paouri

4th meeting

SECTION: Art Education

Topic: The use of art for liberating teaching

Speaker: Katerina Alexiadi


5th meeting

Topic: Presentation of the action plans within the framework of Class Council in order to establish a School Cooperative

Speakers: Maria Kantourou, Aspasia Harlabita

6th meeting

Topic: Project method in teaching high school economics and detailed presentation of the School Cooperative

Speakers: Despina Galani, Babis Baltas, Christos Katsaros

7th meeting

Topic: Completion of the School Cooperative and presentation of student's projects

Speakers: Babis Baltas, Christos Katsaros

8th meeting

SECTION: Art Education

Topic: The use of art for liberating teaching

Speaker: Katerina Alexiadi

During the winter semester, the Program's students discussed the basic principles and techniques of Célestin Freinet's Pedagogy with the pedagogical group "Skasiarxeio" and reflected on their application in the subjects of Economics and informatics.

During the spring semester, the Program's students had to design a teaching unit of their specialty in groups, utilizing the principles of Freinet Pedagogy as well as the Project method, based on which they prepared an action plan for a School Cooperative of their choice, under the guidance of Mr. M. Baltas and Mr. Ch. Katsaros. In the last meeting with the pedagogical group, on 20/5/2022, the students presented their projects which were inspired by topics such as volunteering, migration, environmental protection and sustainable development. Comments and feedback were provided by the teachers and Dr. B. Brinia on the implementation of the student's action plans.

The innovative action of the program "New pedagogical movements – Célestin Freinet" was completed with the pedagogical group discussing with the candidate teachers. In an atmosphere of interaction and solidarity, there was an exchange of views, experiences and advice from the pedagogical team on the career path of the candidate teachers and the subsequent application of the pedagogical techniques they learnt in the real conditions of a school environment. Through the educational program they attended and the projects they prepared during the academic year, the students got to know the value of Freinet Pedagogy and developed ideas that could be implemented in a real school environment, to ensure a school open to the world, where students gain awareness of social and environmental issues and collaborate with the local community and authorities for a better future for all.

The successful innovative action of AUEB's Teacher Education Program, "New pedagogical movements -Célestin Freinet", in collaboration with the group" Skasiarxeio" will continue in the coming academic year 2022-2023.