Team work - Innovative collaboration with DIAZOMA

Work issue:

«Forecasts and proposals for the exploitation of the Archaeological Park of Orchomenus, Boeotia

in favor of the economy and society of the region».

A few words about DIAZOMA

"DIAZOMA" is an Association, whose members have placed as a focus of their interest the promotion of ancient theaters, the finding of resources and their integration into our everyday life. Open to all, DIAZOMA seeks to open a hug for the protection of the ancient theaters, this top achievement of ancient Greek architecture, where the explosion of democratic institutions has taken place and cultural and spiritual creation has flourished. Taking advantage of the synergies among citizens, institutions, scientists, businesses and European funding programs, DIAZOMA plans and proposes the implementation of new programs, the aim of which is not only the restoration and promotion of monuments, but also their association with sustainable development.

The highlight of DIAZOMA are the "Cultural Routes", which are in progress in various Regions of our country and constitute a good of cultural tourism. This commodity is shaped by a concrete coherent element, such as the monuments of a region, both culturally and physically. The "Routes", therefore, cover a defined spatial area, have a central theme (the coherent element), and acquire a "brand identity". The main objective of a "Route" is to be a driving force for the sustainable development of a certain region, economically and socially.

About Orchomenus Boeotia

The Archaeological Park of Orchomenus Boeotia is an integral part of the "Route" of Sterea Hellas, entitled "Route of the Monuments of Nature and Culture of Sterea Hellas". This "Route" is designed by the Region of Central Greece, the Ministry of Culture and by "DIAZOMA". The ancient theaters of Delphi, Eretria and Orchomenus of Boeotia, the Kavireios and Askris theaters as well as the corresponding archaeological sites and monuments are its coherent elements. At the same time, the "Route" includes other sites of the wider region, whether of a particular natural beauty or of cultural interest. The demand for cultural tourism in Central Greece concerns almost exclusively Delphi. The other monuments and sites of the Region remain largely unknown to the average visitor of the country. The "Route" aspires to change this dominant trend and attract visitors along its entire length. Thus, not only the monuments and other parts of the cultural or natural reserve benefit, but also the establishments of accommodation, catering and recreation in the Region, producers of agri-food products, local crafts, producers of modern cultural products as well as the majority of local residents, either young or old, benefit as well.

The Archaeological Park of Orchomenus in Boeotia includes the link to a single set of three top monuments: the ancient theater, the Mycenaean Grave Monument (also known as the Minya’s Treasure) and a Byzantine church of the 10th century, Panagia Scripus. This is a project of great importance, which will contribute to the preservation and promotion of these three monuments and to their connection with sustainability and sustainable development of the region.

The teacher-candidates of the Program, after:

worked on groups of five members.

The aims of the project were:

  • να to consider and predict how this will happen
  • • to plan and elaborate on what actions/interventions can be made to ensure that the social and economic benefit of creating the Park will be the highest possible..

The best project, which was judged by a special scientific committee, whose members were Dr. Vasiliki Brinia and specialized scientists from DIAZOMA, was presented by the team that prepared it during the 4th meeting of the "Upper DIAZOMA" on 10th June 2018.

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Innovative collaboration with DIAZOMA