" The Truth behind Modern Education "

"The Truth behind Modern Education"

Konstantinos Lelis

 Edison Zenelai

Alexandros Grapsas

Charalampos Margaris

Vaggelis Lekkas

In a simple material construction, we tried to give complex conclusions for the observer who sees it.
The artwork presents a  man who seems altered by his own life , his obligations , the oppression he experiences from society (or it is about the gloomy world of an employee, or about the oppressive spiritual world of a student), but nevertheless it stands up and resists .
Each spectator decides according to his/her own experiences.




Our work is influenced by the current of Dandaism , where objects are described in a unique way, without the works being subject to artistic "norms" or symmetries.

Also, our visit to the School of Fine Arts helped us gain experiences on how an artwork can be.