Webinar on "School life lessons"

The Laboratory of "Pedagogical and Sociological Analysis" of the Pedagogical Department of Special Education organizes a webinar on:

"School life lessons:
The importance of self-knowledge in empowering students and how it is achieved"

on Saturday 17 April 12:00 to 14:00.


Pantelis Papadopoulos, psychiatrist, group psychotherapist, President of
the Hellenic Institute for Group Analytic and Family Psychotherapy (founder Matthew Josafat) και
Annita Loudarou, psychologist, group psychotherapist, member of the Hellenic Institute for Group Analytic and Family Psychotherapy.

Dr Vasiliki Brinia, Scientific Director of the AUEB
Teacher Education Program

The webinar will be conducted using the University MS Teams Platform.
The link of the event is:


The event is addressed to all members of the University of Thessaly, especially to undergraduate and postgraduate students of the Pedagogical Departments and Teaching Schools but also to parents, as well as to anyone interested.

On behalf of the Laboratory of "Pedagogical and Sociological Analysis"