Workshop on System Mapping as a Service for post – COVID Regional Transition

Workshop on System Mapping as a Service for post – COVID Regional Transition

Monday 30 November 2020

We are delighted to invite you to participate in the System Mapping as a Service for post – COVID Regional Transition Workshop initiated by the EIT Climate KIC network and the ATHENA Research Center. EIT Climate-KIC ( is a knowledge and innovation community established and funded by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) in 2010. Our purpose is to tackle climate change through innovation. We are Europe’s largest public-private partnership with this purpose – a growing pan-European community of diverse organizations united by a commitment to direct the power of creativity and human ingenuity at the climate change challenge. We bring together large and small companies, scientific institutions and universities, city authorities and other public bodies, start-ups, and students. With over 350 formal organisational partners from across 25 countries, we work on innovation to mitigate climate change and to adapt to its unavoidable impacts. The Greek chapter is directed by Prof. Phoebe Koundouri (Athens University of Economics and Business), ATHENA Research Center.

COVID-19 has highly impacted vulnerable and value-added sectors in Greece such as tourism, food supply, mobility and culture etc. Investments to revive them need to go beyond recovery of what previously existed.

To enable cities act upon this challenge and provide the needed long-term economic sustainability a clear map of the system functioning and existing interconnections is needed. This project is designed to support the scaling-up stage for system mapping services as part of the resilience planning in local community governance to be applied on the most vulnerable and value added sectors that need to be kept as priorities after COVID-19 and address fast recovery objectives.

This workshop will seek to address innovative solutions by:

  • Mapping the interconnections among actors like you and your affiliations
  • Creating a synergetic effect in supporting the national and regional economies
  • Creating a service to support the city of Athens in reviving its economy
  • Identifying the systemic approach for building resilience against future pandemics
  • Creating expertise and identifying local responsibilities on resilience and economic regeneration
  • Identifying potential of immediate recovery in terms of job opportunities and value generation
  • Embedding funds at local level connected to the EU Green Deal, Just Transition, Horizon Europe and EU Structural Funds.

Be part of the solution!

By joining this workshop, you can, among others:

  • Influence the tool we build to attract investments for recovery of the sectors most impacted by COVID
  • Influence policy making and policy designing process
  • Take part in an activity of a fast-growing knowledge community
  • Make use of our network and expertise
  • Be the first to learn about research findings related to post-COVID recovery in relationship with the New Green Deal and the Cohesion Policy
  • Have first access to new EU policies and initiatives

Register your interest to Lydia Stergiopoulou, Researcher, ICRE8 International Research Center , ReSEES, EIT Climate-KIC Hub Greece (

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