EuroGEO Workshop 2022 | Athens 07-09 December

On Friday 9 December, Prof. Phoebe Koundouri participated at the annual “EuroGEO Workshop 2022” and gave a keynote speech entitled “UN SDSN Global Climate Hub: Data Needs” at the Plenary session Future of EuroGEO within the current European and international context”

The session focused on the post-2025 GEO Strategy, the tools and resources needed to support it, the role of the commercial sector and the possible addition of stakeholders to this endeavour. Outcomes of the discussions would feed the GEO Post-2025 on-going process.

  • Share the findings of EuroGEO with the European earth observation community
  • Engage with the audience on the successes and challenges
  • Discuss the tools and infrastructure components needed to overcome the current challenges
  • Develop a common position of Europe via-à-vis of the next GEO Strategy beyond 2025.

The annual workshop brings together European players interested in and actively contributing to EuroGEO. This edition focused on the preparation of the next journey for EuroGEO to align with progress made and new needs arisen in the European context, as well as to coordinate and strengthen its contribution to the post-2025 evolution of  the  GEO.

More than 260 experts and users of Earth Observation, including plenty of local stakeholders, were physically present in Athens to discuss and design the future of EuroGEO. The workshop was a great success as reflected on all participants’ spirit, enthusiasm and active participation in sessions, discussions and side events.

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