Rethinking Economics Digital Festival 2021

Event Description

In the past, the topic of climate change in economics was completely ignored. The focus instead being on endless growth. We have seen challenges to the growth model such as the indigenous buen vivir (living well) concept in South America, Green GDP and the Happiness Index. Yet nothing has overthrown dominance of GDP within economics. With the COP26 climate talks set for November, there is no better time to push for change. Major obstacles remain convincing governments and industry that possible short-term disruption to the economy is worth our future. This series will look at the impacts of growth on natural resources. Can economies thrive without growing? Is our measure of growth as economic success stopping the big changes we need? How can we be fair and inclusive when implementing green policies?

On the 28th of July Prof. Koundouri participated in a discussion on “Economists for Future: research frontiers in climate change economics” together with Prof Peter Victor and Dr. Sharachchandra Lele at Rethinking Economics Digital Festival 2021.

Event Details

Are economists sufficiently researching the climate and environmental crisis? If not, what are the most pressing research gaps? In this panel discussion hosted by the initiative “Economists for Future International”, we will first present some numbers on how much economists are publishing on the topics of climate change and biodiversity. Afterwards, three respected scholars will give us their take on the research frontiers in climate change economics. We will then jointly discuss these, exploring the horizon of economics research on climate change and environmental issues and the direction it should take. Join us for this exciting and important event about the future of climate change economics!

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