Jean Monnet Seminar

George D. Demopoulos✝, Professor of Economics, Emeritus and European Chair Jean Monnet organized at the Athens University of Economics and Business the very successful Jean Monnet Seminar Series for the last 24 academic years  (spring semester) in the context of the activities of the European Chair.  The Seminar had the subject: “European Economic Integration and Public Policy”.

It was a weekly seminar, of 2 ½ hours duration, which took place each Wednesday 19:00 - 21:00 (in the Amphitheatre Derigny) and in a weekly base welcomed an average number of 200 undergraduate and postgraduate students of the Department of Economic Science, of the Department of International and European Economic Studies of the Athens University of Economics and Business and of other Departments of Universities of the city of Athens and Pireaus.

The Seminar dealt with current problems of the Greek, European and International economy, and with issues involving the operation of the EU Institutions and their prospects.

Many Professors of Greek Universities along with many distinguished executives of financial Institutions and executives of the European Committee (when they were found in Athens) were invited to give their lectures in the Seminar series in subjects that were mentioned before . A small introduction of the subject was given by Professor George D. Demopoulos. In the end of the lecture of every invited speaker, the audience addressed the speaker with several questions on the relevant subject.

The students who participated in the 80% of the lectures of the Seminar Series, received certification of their participation after the completion of the Series. The Seminar constituted henceforth one important forum (in which Professors and researchers can presented (in a simplified form) part of their research.

The weekly announcement of the Seminar was being sent out to Professors of similar Departments of our Universities, in scientific centers, and financial Institutions.

It must be noted that an Annual Report on the activities of the European Chair Jean Monnet (no. 97/0243) that Professor Emeritus George D. Demopoulos held was submitted to the Directorate General for Education and Culture, European Commission, undersigned by the Rector of our University.

The Body of Emeritus and Retired Professors of the AUEB undertook the continuation of the Seminar, which, as in the past, will refer to current issues of the Greek, European and International Economy and Entrepreneurship, to issues of the operation of EU institutions, and in their prospects. The presenters will be Professors from Greek Universities or Universities abroad who will present their presentations on relevant topics every Wednesday 19:00-21:00 at the Andreas Kintis Amphitheater of the University.

The Seminar will start on the 1st of March every academic year, it will last 12 weeks and all undergraduate and postgraduate students of OPA who are interested will be invited to attend it. It will also be open to other University Departments as well as graduates or executives of companies and organizations dealing with related issues. Those who attend 80% of the Seminar's lectures will receive a certificate of attendance at the end of the semester, as their attendance will be certified using the minutes kept at each meeting.

The Seminar Program and meetings will be posted on the AUEB website on a weekly basis.

The AUEB Emeritus Professors are responsible for the organization of the Seminar:

Nancy Papalexandri, President

Eleni Louri, General Secretary