The Department

The Department of Economics aims at maintaining research and teaching standards at the highest level. It covers a wide range of economic studies in micro-and macroeconomic analysis, corporate finance and financial markets, public and monetary economics, international and rural economics, industrial organization and strategy, economics of the environment and natural resources, economic history and relevant quantitative tools of mathematics, statistics and econometrics. 

The Department is the oldest Department of Economics in Greece with pioneer role in organising postgraduate studies in Economics since 1978. Its priority has always been to bring together a cohort of highly qualified academic staff and top quality students. Faculty members specialise in a wide range of topics in economics, with experience in some of the most internationally prominent universities and publications in top academic journals. 

Its undergraduate program attracts high quality students who, after successful completion of their studies, are excellent prospects for employment in the private and public sector, including areas such as business administration, banking, finance and advisory services. Also, graduates of the program have solid foundations in economics and related tools that are normally admitted to top graduate programs internationally. 

The graduate programs of the Department are highly regarded and attract a large number of quality candidates every year. The Department offers a Doctoral program and two full-time Master's program in Economic Theory and in Applied Economics & Finance. The Department of Economics (jointly with the Department of International & European Economic Studies - DIEES) also offers two the part-time programs for executives in Applied Economics & Finance and in Finance & Banking

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