Advisory Board

The Advisory Board of the MSc in Management Science and Technology consists of:

  • Dr. Xirogiannis Giorgos - General Manager of SEV (Hellenic Federation of Enterprises)
  • Kakanelis Agamemnon - Managing Director Accenture
  • Syllignakis Manolis - Customer Analytics Subdirectorate / Customer Analytics & CRM Sector
  • Dr. Kapsalis Apostolos, Lawyer, Institute of Labour (INE)
  • Prof. Thanos Papadopoulos - Professor of Management (Information Systems/Operations Management) University of Kent

and the graduates of the MSc in Management Science and Technology:

  • Kefalopoulos Dimitris - •eCommerce Lead at Kenvue
  • Veli Elena - Sr. Digital Transformation Consultant @Deloitte | Founder of Greek NewSpace Society