Research Labs

Business Communication Lab

 The mission of the B.C.Lab is to be a world-class research, executive training, and consulting excellence center for the purpose of improving and enhancing business communication for faculty, students, business leaders, managers, private companies, public institutions and organizations, and sponsors.

The Lab has undertaken a large number of projects and research initiatives for the public and private sectors as well as for the European Union.

Founded: 1992

Scientific Director:

Professor Vlasis Stathakopoulos

Human Resource Management Lab

The Human Resource Management (HRM) laboratory has been operating since the beginning of the 00's at the department of Marketing and Communication (M&C) of the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) and its operation is stipulated by the Government's gazette (FEK) issue Β4059-19.12.2016. The Mission of the HRM laboratory is to be an international center of research, training and consulting excellence for the dissemination of knowledge and the development of the field of Human Resources Management to university professors, students, companies, public authorities and organizations.

Founded: 1996

Scientific Director:
Associate Professor Anna-Eleni Galanaki

Marketing Laboratory

The mission of Marketing Laboratory is to carry out research of international scope and support educational practices of high standard in subjects related to Marketing Science.

The Lab undertakes studies for the public and the private sectors, participates in international research projects and organizes lectures, discussions, forums and so forth with the collaboration of highly acclaimed academics and practitioners

from Greece and abroad. The research of the Lab’s Faculty members is often published in prestigious international Marketing journals.

Founded: 2000

Scientific Director:
Professor George Baltas