Current PhD Dissertations


PhD Student Dissertation Title
Evaggelatos Andreas Study of the respondent’s behavior in research with the use of questionnaires.
Zefkili Konstantina Ethnic stereotypes in corporate communication: a linguistic and managerial approach.
Kontopoulou Basiliki

Investigating conspicuous consumption through an evolutionary psychology approach.

Kottika Efthymia An investigation of the relationship between the entrepreneur’s characteristics, business practices and marketing orientation of the SME.
Kottikas Konstantinos Exploring Market-Driven and Market-Driving Strategies. 
Kousi Sofia Happiness and Experiential Purchases: Underlying Processes and Boundary Conditions.
Loukopoulou Apostolia Attribute level variety-seeking behavior.
Lyberopoulos Dimitris Best practices of the function of public relations in organizations. Determinants in Greek enterprises.
Boikou Vasileios Contemporary product pricing techniques: Research in a B2B sample of the Greek market.
Painesis Gregory Design issues and effective ways of presenting coupon face value (Coupon framing effects).
Palaiologos Anastasios Examining justice on HRM practices from a Social Network Perspective: The case of employees (non-volunteers) and volunteers.
Papadas Karolos-Konstantinos Green marketing orientation: determinants and consequences.
Paraskevopoulou Louiza The positive and negative outcomes of job crafting: the role of personal and contextual factors.
Trobeta Maria Aggeliki  Effectiveness of social marketing. A meta-analytic approach.
Tsahouridi Eirini Organizational Virtuousness: Examining its antecedents and its consequences through the lens of social exchange theory and theory of altruism.
Tsigriki Apostolina Strategic career management and its effects on professional development.
Tsimonis Georgios Exploring Relationship Quality and its antecedents in the social media context: The Application of the Relational Benefits and Costs approach.
Chytiri Alexandra-Paraskevi Reconsidering the HRM - organizational performance relationship.
Psimouli Maria Nation Brand Equity and how it can be measured.
Karli Marina Pre-doctoral stage
Kontos Panagiotis Pre-doctoral stage
Kyriakopoulos Nikolaos Pre-doctoral stage
Kyrka Nikoletta Pre-doctoral stage
Lazanaki Vera Pre-doctoral stage
Labrinakos Grigorios Pre-doctoral stage
Metaxas Anagnostis-Alexandros Pre-doctoral stage
Xirouhakis Antonios Pre-doctoral stage
Paxos Fokialis Nikolaos Pre-doctoral stage
Polyportis Athanasios Pre-doctoral stage