Completed Phd Dissertations


Doctor Dissertation Title Year
Magrizos Solon Corporate social responsibility and SME Financial Performance. 2015
Papista Erifili-Vasiliki An investigation of quality and identification in the relationship between consumer and environmentally friendly brands. 2015
Anagnostidou Zoi Attitude-based versus attribute-based consumer decision making: the role of accessibility, diagnosticity, motivation and opportunity. 2014
Makri Aikaterini Factors influencing export venture performance: an empirical investigation. 2014
Chalkias Georgios Consumer responses to schema incongruent brand communication: moderating factors & boundary conditions. 2014
Giannoupoulos Antonis Investigation of the interdependence of internal and external orientation: an integrated model for orientation, internal and external customer satisfaction and business performance 2013
Kaminakis Konstantinos The Impact of Servicescape on employees, customers, and their interactions 2013
Giakoumaki Christina The role of consumer advertising in B2B products 2013
Nteliou Kleopatra Total quality in Education: Contribution at the communication and the image of the university 2013
Picha Lamprini Brand Orientation: Antecedents and Consequences 2012
Kostopoulos Ioannis The Conditions and the Consequences of the Effectiveness of Service Blueprinting. An empirical study at the Hotel Sector 2012
Rafailidou Mirofora Glass Ceiling in the Greek Corporations: an Institutional Theory Perspective 2012
Tzempelikos Nektarios An integrated model of Key Account Management Orientation – Motives, Implementation and Results 2011
Theodorakis Ioannis Rhetoric and provocation: Consumers’ emotions, values and attitudes towards plain and rhetorically constructed provocative ads 2011
Saridakis Charalampos An Analysis of Consumer Preferences in the Greek Car Market 2011
Papadakis Georgios Usage of CRM systems and consequences on firm performance 2011
Lionakis Konstantinos An exploratory study of the Relationships and the Conflicts between Marketing and Sales Departments in Greek Consumer Goods Firms: Determinants and Consequences 2011
Peitzika Eirini Effective Marketing Strategies of fast moving consuming products, that are at different stage of life cycle, in Greece 2010
Stavraki Maria The role of Emotion at the change of attitudes through advertising 2009
Konstantoulaki Kleopatra The effect of Involvement at the Descriptive Properties of the Examination Total and at the Selectivity of the consumer 2009
Rizomiliotis Ioannis The effectiveness of printed industrial advertising in Greece: Theoretical and Empirical approach 2008
Pilidou Ourania Empirical Investigation of Launching New Industrial Products from representative Companies: Emphasis on the Communication Strategy 2008
Psiloutsikou Marina Strategic Synergy for Companies following a Twofold Strategy: The case of printed and electronic newspapers 2007
Kirezis Nikolaos Trust and Intention to Use Alternative Networks for Bank Transactions 2006
Koritos Christos Parameters that influence the Adoption of Innovative Distribution Channels 2006
Daskalakis Nikolaos The Capital Structure of Greek Firms: Causes of its formation and influencing factors 2006
Iordanoglou Dimitra The effect of Emotional Intelligence at the effective Human Resource Management, in the field of education. The role of Leadership 2006
Galanaki Eleanna Factors influencing the Outsourcing of Human Resources Management Services 2005
Panagopoulos Nikolaos The practices of Sales Management at Greek Industrial Businesses-Factors of Effectiveness and the effect of New Technologies 2003
Indounas Konstantinos The process of Pricing and factors that influence Pricing at the Services Sector: Theoretical and Empirical Analysis 2003
Giannouli Ioanna Development and Application of a Model for Strategic Supply Chain System Management 2002
Panayotopoulou Leda Strategic Human Resource Management: Determinants and Impact on Effectiveness 2001
Stamatopoulos Miltiadis Decision Support System for the Strategic Design of Airports 2000