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25 years of Erasmus Exchange

Scientific Coordinator: Assιstant Professors: Dr. L. Panayotopoulou and Dr.Drosos 

Administrative Support: Dimitra Chatzidimitriou (

Participating European Universities Data on Incoming & Outgoing Students

The Erasmus+ Exchange Program offers students of the Department the opportunity to spend one or two semesters at a European University that participates in this program. Students attend courses at the participating university abroad that are similar to the courses offered by the Department of Marketing and Communication. These courses are ‘matched’ with corresponding courses from the Department’s Program of Studies and count towards the total number of courses required to obtain the undergraduate degree. 

As part of the Erasmus+ University Exchange Network, the Department of Marketing and Communication accepts students from participating universities abroad for one or two semesters. The Department offers the following courses, taught in English, for the academic year 2018-19:

1st Semester (Fall):

Human Resource Management, 
Dr. L. Panayotopoulou

Consumer Behaviour, 
Dr. K.Karantinou

Global Marketing, 
Dr. D.Skarmeas

Retail Sales Promotion, 
Dr. P. Argouslidis

2nd Semester (Spring): 

Marketing of Services, 
Dr. K. Karantinou

Β2Β Μarketing, 
Dr. K. Indounas

Change Management, 
Dr. M. Vakola

Cross cultural Communication
Dr. E. Apospori