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MSc in Financial Management 

  • The deadline for the submission of applications for the intake 2021-22 is extended until 30/6/2021! Apply here

MSc in Financial Management

The M.Sc. program in Financial Management is a newly established postgraduate program of the Department of Accounting and Finance of AUEB’s School of Business.  The program operates in accordance with the university’s regulations and Law 4485/2017. The program is totally offered in English, mainly aiming to attract international students or Greek students who are interested in attending a top quality Masters program in English. The program is also addressed to business executives who are employed in multinational enterprises based in Greece or abroad, that  mainly operate in English, and wish to excel their skills in the constantly evolving scientific field of Financial Management.

The program’s international profile is in line with the latest global economic and business developments, primarily aiming to better qualify its graduates and boost even more their job placement prospects in the highly competitive international market place.

The Program’s Mission

The program’s mission is the advancement of knowledge and scientific research in the field of Financial Management, that examines methods and practices that lead to the optimal allocation of the financial resources of modern enterprises and organizations. Proper Financial Management of modern public and private organizations is a key pillar that can greatly support a country's economic development as well as the society’s well-being. In addition, the internationalization of financial practices and the ongoing interaction between different countries and organizations, has imposed English as an international trading and communication language.

This mission is accomplished through a contemporary and well designed curriculum that utilizes a variety of teaching methods apart from the study of international scientific literature, such as laboratory classes, case studies, and individual or team assignments.

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