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MSc in International Shipping, Finance and Management (ISFM)

The Interdepartmental MSc in International Shipping, Finance and Management (ISFM) comprises a unique combination of the three knowledge areas, which are essential for those employed or are interested to find work in the International Shipping industry. This is achieved through a modern, well-structured program, which combines reading of the international literature, laboratory classes, case studies, workshops, teaching, visits to companies and an academic dissertation aimed at enhancing research skills. The academic members of staff involved in the program are producing highly pioneering research in their respective fields of study. Business executives are also invited as keynote speakers in the program. All the above are disseminated in the curricula of the course units to make up a distinct educational program.

The University is a highly acclaimed State institution both at National and International levels, which offers officially recognized postgraduate programs. It offers excellent study copy volumes of scientific and business journals, newspapers and magazines, databases and specialized software in its laboratories. This enables fast and efficient access to relevant information and data for students, which is vital in pursuing high standards of research and study. The School of Business Administration and the School of Economics are involved in the MSc program through their relevant Departments of Accounting and Finance and Management Science & Technology and of the International & European Economic Studies, respectively.

The Professors of the MSc in ISFM are Ph.D. holders. They have solid educational backgrounds, significant professional work experience, influential scientific publications and presentations in international conferences. Their work has gained international recognition, have received teaching prizes by Greek and non-Greek universities, and are members of important international associations and committees.

The Location of the MSc program, at the heart of one of the most important International Maritime Centers of the World, is deemed extremely important for the networking and the employment opportunities it offers to its participants. More than 700 shipping companies are established here in Attica (around the port of Piraeus and in Athens and its suburbs), owning and managing a fleet of ships with the world’s highest tonnage capacity. Clients of these companies are also established here to serve them, including more than 1,000 shipbroking firms, financial institutions, international auditing and accounting firms, insurance companies, classification societies and shipping lawyers, amongst others. This enables direct access to market resources, such as industry scholarships which are offered to MSc students, student placements with companies in Greece and abroad, guest speakers from the industry, visits to companies and to the port of Piraeus and COSCO and significant networking opportunities.

All the above constitute a distinguished learning environment, providing students of the MSc with top quality relevant theoretical and practical knowledge, thus allowing graduates of the MSc in ISFM to be highly competitive in the job market and obtain immediate work placement following graduation.

In short, the MSc in International Shipping, Finance and Management is a significant investment in the professional careers of its graduates.

The Director of the MSc ISFM, Prof. Manolis G. Kavussanos

Graduates' Testimonials

 "If I look back and think about my experience with the MSc in ISFM, I'd say I would definitely do it again". Read more...

"Throughout this one year I was transformed from a graduate student to a business-ready, tech savvy professional, ready to take on any job opportunity that would come my way". Read more...

"The program challenged me to push my personal limits and prepared me for unpredictable ways in my career. It was a truly valuable educational experience". Read more...

"The knowledge and skills acquired at the master can be immediately applied to a business environment, as a result, the program can be the essential introduction for those interested in the shipping industry". Read more...

"AUEB is an amazing institution and this MSc boosted my professional effectiveness and added value on my career expectations". Read more...

"During the last period of the program I had a three-month internship. Upon completion of that internship I found a job in the crew department of a reputable shipping company". Read more...

Students' Profile

Graduates' Employment Statistics

Obtain a Double Masters' degree from AUEB and EDHEC Business School 

M.Sc. in ISFM - Ranked 5th in the world according to
EDUNIVERSAL Masters Rankings

Exemptions from exams of Professional Organisations and relevant scholarships


Meet the Shipping cluster of Greece - the world’s largest shipowning nation 

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