Mission and Career Prospects

The MSc in ISFM aims to

  • Provide academic training to graduates and executives that are eager to find employment or are already working in the fields of Shipping, Finance and Management and wish to obtain a higher level of professional development through an English speaking postgraduate program.

  • Offer education in the scientific areas of Shipping, Finance and Management, in their specialized areas, to upper level managers of businesses and public and private organizations.

  • Provide education in the scientific areas of shipping, finance and management to students with officially recognized undergraduate degrees who wish to continue their studies in English, as well as to upper level managers of multinational corporations or organizations in Greece whose business is transacted in English.

  • Link the educational process with the specific needs of the local market and the international economy.

  • Promote AUEB on a worldwide basis and develop cooperation with the international academic community. 

The Program is designed for highly intelligent applicants, with strong undergraduate studies and talent, who are ready to work hard and have the ambition to reach top positions on the executive ladder.

Graduates' Career Prospects

Upon successful completion of the program, the graduates will have developed comprehensive and specialized knowledge of the fundamental concepts, best practices, and the latest international trends in International Shipping, Finance and Management, focusing on the relevant areas of business, management, finance and maritime economics.

The graduates will be able to search for, collect, and analyze data and relevant financial information that will help them make effective business and managerial decisions. Having received training of high standards, the graduates should be able to identify the key points of a given problem from legal, technical, or policy perspectives and have knowledge of the relevant international academic literature and best practices. They should be able to critically evaluate alternative solutions and design the appropriate framework for addressing the most complex issues in international shipping, finance, and business management.

Furthermore, the graduates who successfully complete the program will have gained the ability to work intensively and collaborate constructively, a high degree of professionalism, highly developed organizational skills, and a strong commitment to excellence.

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