Application Process

The Program has a rolling admissions procedure, which commences in January, with multiple deadlines every year.

Places available are limited, so prospective students are advised to submit their applications early.

Applications are submitted online at, by registering and logging in.

 Required Documents 

1. Printed version of the application form submitted on-line.

2. Copies of all University Degrees / Diplomas (For degrees/diplomas by foreign universities, please see the Section "International Students" that follows).

3. Official transcripts of grades received (with certified translation in English or in Greek where applicable).

4. CV in English.

5. Two academic recommendation letters. Part time applicants only may also submit professional recommendation letters as well as academic ones

6. Proof of knowledge of the English language (at least C1 level), as determined by a TOEFL, TOEIC or IELTS score, or the Cambridge or Michigan Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) or the Certificate of Advanced English (CAE). Native speakers as well as candidates having conducted their undergraduate studies in English are exempt from the above mentioned prerequisite.

7. Personal statement of approximately 500 words, in English

8. Proof of employment record, if any – required for part time applicants 

9. One recent passport size photograph.

The Admissions Committee, in making a decision to offer a position to a candidate, ranks the applicants according to the above quantitative and qualitative criteria. 

Tuition Fees

The Full-time Program costs 7,600€, while the Part-time Program 7,800€. There is some availability of need-based financial aid in the form of tuition exemption, according to Law 4485/2017, for both full-time and part time students. Tuition fees are paid in installments according to the Interdepartmental Committee relative decisions.

Full-time Program

Total tuition fees: 7,600 €

1st installment paid upon reservation of the place

1,100 €

2nd installment paid until 30/11/2022

2,000 €

3rd installment paid until 31/1/2023

2,500 €

4th installment paid until 31/3/2023

2,000 €

Part-time Program:

Total tuition fees: 7,800 €

1st installment paid upon reservation of the place

1,100 €

2nd installment paid until 31/12/2022

1,700 €

3rd installment paid until 31/5/2023

1,700 €

4th installment paid until 31/10/2023

1,700 €

5th installment paid until 31/1/2024        1,600 €
Scholarships & Academic Performance Awards

Tuition fee scholarships are offered to suitable candidates in the MSc Program based on merit or/and social and economic criteria.

Academic excellence awards worth at least 6.000 euro are also offered to top performing students at the end of the full and part time programs, based on performance within the MSc.

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International Students

Upon arrival in Greece all international students have to go through the following steps:

1. Register at the University

2. Apply for a residence permit. The following documentation is necessary:

  • Two photocopies of the passport (showing the first page as well as the page with the stamped visa).
  • Two coloured passport size photos.
  • Two copies of a confirmation letter that the student is registered at AUEB (provided by  the Secretariat of the program, in Greek).
  • Two copies of a document that proves the student has sufficient funds to cover his/her expenses while studying in Athens (e.g. bank account statement or a letter from the University for Scholarship Holders).
  • Two copies of a health certificate from a Greek Public Hospital stating that the student does not suffer from any contagious disease (the University will arrange an appointment).

3. Recognition and validation of the Bachelor's degree by the Hellenic National Academic Recognition Information Centre (NARIC):

List of Foreign Degrees that are excluded from the Hellenic NARIC’s validation requirement

For institutions not included in the above list, the MSc Program requests from the Hellenic NARIC to assess the institution inclusion.