Athens, a Global Maritime Centre
Greece, the Largest Ship-owning Nation in the world

As a country that is renowned for its strong maritime industry, Greece can be considered a “natural” choice for international Maritime Studies and employment in the Maritime Sector. 

Greece has continued to strengthen its position as the largest ship-owning nation in tonnage terms, and has developed into one of the major Maritime Centres in the World. Shipowners located in Attica (Athens, Piraeus and the surrounding areas) have the highest ship-ownership globally in tonnage capacity. More than 700 companies are located here serving the industry, including shipowning, ship-management, brokerage (chartering and ship sale and purchase), insurance, law, classification societies and other maritime sector-related companies. 

The Greek shipping industry owes a large part of its competitive advantage to the possession of specialised entrepreneurial skills and know-how. Greek shipping companies are active in the highly competitive markets of the cargo-carrying sectors of shipping, constituting a paradigm of business success at international level. They have also strong presence in global financial markets and use advanced financial tools in their needs for capital to finance shipping projects. This is evidenced in these companies’ strong presence in the American and London Stock Exchanges, reporting sustainable fundamentals and healthy financial statements, and enjoying the full appreciation and respect of international funds/investors. 

The Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) is at the very center of all these, distilling the country’s knowledge infrastructure in its MSc in International Shipping, Finance and Management; a postgraduate/post-experience international program aimed at transforming promising young professionals into tomorrow’s leaders in business, shipping industry and government.  A number of academic staff of AUEB and other Universities both from Greece and abroad, as well as experienced professionals in top management positions of the Greek shipping industry, are collaborating in offering specialized knowledge in all major areas of shipping, finance and management. AUEB is recognized as a leading academic institution in Greece in the areas of Economics and Business and one of the leading institutions internationally in its fields. 

Athens, the cradle of Western Civilization
Greece, a top tourist destination in the world

Inhabited for more than 5,000 years, Athens is widely known as the cradle of Western civilization and the birthplace of democracy. It is widely recognized as the intellectual wellspring to which modern Western culture owes many of its linguistic, philosophical, cultural, legal, social and ethical beliefs and systems. Concepts of individualism, freedom, democracy and government all have their roots in the great thinkers of Ancient Greece, whose ideas are still widely read and debated today.  Keen to follow in the footsteps of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Epicurus and so many other great questioners and innovators – while enjoying some delicious Greek cuisine, sunny weather and lively cities?

Consisting of a large city center, an urban district and metropolitan area, Athens presents a blend of historical and modern features. The city is famous for its archaeological ruins and monuments. However, Athens is not just about ancient ruins. This city is also an important center for culture, nightlife and sports and it constitutes one of the top tourist attractions all over the world. Athens is absolutely safe and successfully hosted the Olympic Games in 2004. The infrastructure of Athens has been developed very fast within the last 10 years with new highways, a new international airport, new metro, tram and railway lines, shopping centres, stadiums and sport centres and with the port of Piraeus having been developed to one of the most important ports in the Mediterranean. The city’s modern infrastructure hosts millions of visitors every year, with Athens being a top destination worldwide.

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