Student Selection Criteria

The MSc in International Shipping, Finance and Management (ISFM) follows a rolling admission process with multiple application deadlines each year (application cycles), determined by the Program Steering Committee.

The assessment and selection of candidates for admission to the Program are based on the following quantitative and qualitative criteria:

  1. Recognized University Degree. Degrees from non-Greek Universities must be recognized by the Hellenic National Academic Recognition Information Centre (NARIC):

    List of Foreign Degrees that are excluded from the Hellenic NARIC’s validation requirement

    For institutions not included in the above list, the MSc Program requests from the Hellenic NARIC to assess the institution inclusion.

  2. Undergraduate degree transcipt of records.

  3. Scores on undergraduate courses related to the fields of knowledge of the MSc in ISFM.

  4. Undergraduate thesis (if applicable).

  5. Certification of a high level of English proficiency: C1 level, as recognized by ASEP and certified, among other ways, by scores on TOEIC, IELTS, TOEFL, or Advanced (CAE) or Proficiency.

  6. Two academic reference letters for the full-time program candidates / Two academic or professional reference letters for the part-time program candidates.

  7. Work experience for the part-time program applicants.

  8. Personal interview.

The Evaluation Committee of prospective students, consisting of at least two faculty members, ranks the candidates according to the above quantitative and qualitative criteria. Accepted candidates may be invited by the Evaluation Committee to attend and pass examinations in up to four preparatory course units before their final registration in the program, depending on their prior studies/experience. Preparatory courses are offered in September of each academic year before the start of the program. To enroll in the program, accepted candidates must get passing scores in all preparatory courses, as determined by the Evaluation Committee.