Graduates' Testimonials

Leonardo Bellelli, Senior Consultant - M&A and Corporate Finance

"If I look back and think about my experience with the MSc in ISFM, I 'd say I would definitely do it again. Nothing more than this have given me a mix of academic knowledge and experience. Finance and Shipping have been my passion for years and, by engaging in this master, I discovered new horizons while enhancing my soft and hard skills. Professors of each subject are well prepared and able to capture students' interests as well as capable of blooming ideas for further consideration and analysis. Finally, relationships are the fundamentals of business of these specific fields. Where better than this master could you forge such meaningful liaisons?"

Angelos Charitonidis, Consultant, Advisory PwC Greece 

"My experience with ISFM could be described in one word, phenomenal. Throughout this one year I was transformed from a graduate student to a business-ready, tech savvy professional, ready to take on any job opportunity that would come my way. 

The program in itself demands excellence and a certain “hunger” from you, throughout its demanding and prudently structured syllabus, thereby preparing you in an optimal way for the sheer jungle that is the professional world. Its truly global perspective on all matters revolving around the shipping finance practices classify the program amongst the European elite schools, via its constantly updated study material, brilliant coaching and tutoring from all professors and an inundation of networking opportunities. Oh, those networking nights…

A word of advice, try to attend absolutely ALL NETWORKING EVENTS. It might be one of the smartest choices you may take.

All in all, I can honestly say that the MSc. in ISFM provided an astonishing learning experience and helped prepare me for the challenges that I now face in my everyday professional life."

Ana Jovanovic, Marketing Manager at CBX Software 

"When I reflect on my master program of International Shipping, Finance and Management at AUEB, I conclude that I enjoyed a high-quality and ambitious course. The faculty and administrative staff were welcoming and helpful. We gained a boarder view of the Shipping Industry and worldwide practices as we were taught by internationally recognized professors and exposed to their extensive experience. Also, equipped with considerable knowledge, we were introduced to some of the best   companies and professionals in shipping thanks to the strong relationships our University has. The program challenged me to push my personal limits and prepared me for unpredictable ways in my career. It was a truly valuable educational experience."

Anastasia Lappa, Operations, Marmaras Navigation Ltd 

"Having been part of the ISFM was a life changing experience for me. Studying at the part-time program in parallel with a full-time job in a top shipping company was really demanding and challenging however exciting. The knowledge and skills acquired at the master can be immediately applied to a business environment, as a result, the program can be the essential introduction for those interested in the shipping industry. ISFM is addressed to those who set high standards in all aspects of their lives and are passionate in achieving their goals."

Michalis Spetsiotis, Crude & Products Marketing Department at Motor Oil (Hellas) Corinth Refineries S.A. 

"I was looking for a place where I would be really challenged. Prior to pursuing the MSc in ISFM, I was already working in the oil sector, which asked for knowledge from various disciplines and I viewed business through those lens. I came to the program because I wanted to be exposed to things and ideas I hadn’t done yet neither in my professional nor academic life. I left the MSc in ISFM program with a very strong understanding of its fundamentals, while I managed to apply to my professional daily tasks a great deal of what I learnt through the program’s taught modules. AUEB is an amazing institution and this MSc boosted my professional effectiveness and added value on my career expectations."

Panagiota A. Tigkou, Crew Officer

"When I started the program, I was lacking experience since I had never worked in the shipping industry before. It was a very demanding but at the same time productive period as I gained knowledge in three different areas: Shipping, Finance and Management. We were taught by Greek and foreign professors, well-established in their fields. I had the chance to apply all the theoretical knowledge through assignments in all the courses of the program and to learn how to use databases such as Bloomberg, Clarksons and software packages like STATA. 

During the year, many workshops as well as plenty of events were organized by the program, enabling us to visit reputable shipping companies and get in contact with people working in the shipping industry. Last but not least, we were constantly informed about new job openings. During the last period of the program I had a three-month internship. Upon completion of that internship, I found a job in the crew department of an reputable shipping company. "