Full-time Program

 A 12-months full-time program, designed to meet the needs of graduates, with lectures taking place mainly during the morning or in the afternoon: 

Preparatory Course Units – 3 weeks (3 x 4 hours = 12 hours per course unit) – September

Introduction to Finance

Elements of Mathematics and Economics for Business

Statistics for Business

Ship Technology and Terminology

1st Bimonthly Period (8 weeks x 3 hours = 24 hours per course unit) -  October – November

Financial and Management Accounting    


Financial Management


Maritime Economics and Business


2nd Bimonthly Period (8 weeks x 3 hours = 24 hours per 5 ECTS) -  December – February

Corporate Finance


International Economics

2.5 ECTS

International Maritime Commodity Trade

2.5 ECTS

Quantitative Methods for Shipping Data


3rd Bimonthly Period (8 weeks x 3 hours = 24 hours per course unit) -  March – April

Management of Maritime Companies


Shipping Finance and Investment Decisions


Selection of one (1) of the following course units:

  1. Data, Models and Business Decisions in Shipping
  2. Port Economics and Policies
  3. Portfolio Analysis and Management
  4. Accounting for Shipping Business

per course unit

4th Bimonthly Period (8 weeks x 3 hours = 24 hours per course unit) -  May – June

Selection of course units equivalent to a total of 15 ECTS:

  1. Chartering
  2. Logistics Management and Liner Shipping
  3. Maritime Insurance
  4. Maritime Law
  5. Shipping Business Risk Management
  6. Banking
  7. Financial Analysis and Company Valuation
  8. Risk Management
  9. International Taxation of Capital and Investment Decisions
  10. Wealth Management
  11. Human Resource Management (Managing People in Shipping)
  12. Operations Management
  13. Strategic Business Decisions in Shipping

per course unit


Dissertation takes place between June/July and October – 15 ECTS 

Terms of Study

Class attendance in course units is compulsory. Students who are absent for more than 1/3 of the contact hours in a course unit will fail it and must attend it the next time it is offered.

Course units are assessed through written and/or oral examinations and/or assignments. For a course unit to be examined through an oral examination and/or assignment only it requires approval by the Special Interdepartmental Committee.

The final mark of each course unit is determined by its instructor, and may include individual and/or team assignments.

Students that fail in more than two course units per semester are considered to have failed overall and are required to leave the Program.

The submission deadline for the MSc Theses is October 31st of the academic year following the initial registration. 

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Lectures take place at AUEB’s Centre for Research and Postgraduate Studies and the new state-of-the-art AUEB premises inaugurated in May 2017 by the President of the Hellenic Republic.

Laboratory classes take place at the ISFM Lab