Linked to Research

An MSc Program with its exclusive teaching and research Laboratory,
specialising in its fields of expertise

Another important element of the Program is that the students experience the whole process of knowledge creation (which comes through their own research), dissemination (taking place in the taught part of the program) and practical application (effected by business visits and placements with companies). 

In this line, the AUEB Laboratory for International Shipping, Finance and Managements (ISFM Lab) constitutes an essential part of the Program. 
It offers access to major databases, newspapers, periodicals and academic journals related to shipping, finance and management - vital sources of specialised information for the required course-unit assignments, workshops, academic research and the link of theory with practice.

Via the ISFM Lab, the Program's teaching and research laboratory, students have the opportunity to be trained on using the top databases worldwide, related to economics, finance and shipping, which also constitute required skills for the workplace.

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