Graduates' Employability

95% Employment rate before Graduation

Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, the placements with shipping and other companies that students typically have at the end of the taught part of the Program resulted in 95% of students finding employment before they graduated. 
The employment rates of the Program's graduates have been consistently high throughout the years. 

An indicative list of companies that employ MSc in ISFM graduates includes: 

Marmaras Navigation/Delta Tankers, Cosco Shipping Lines, DYNAMARINe, Interunity, Diana Shipping, Procureship, ICS, AlmiTankers, Fortune Software Technologies, Stealth, NAVIOS, V-Ships, Eurobank, Piraeus Bank, Aegean Baltic Bank, European Central Bank (Germany), Ernst & Young, TeoShipping Corporation, Global Trust Independent Financial Advisors (UK), Praksis, DANAOS