CSP4Climate 2020 International Conference

Two years following the successful organization of the 1st CSP4Climate conference, the need to take immediate action to address the most important global challenge of our times, Climate Change, is more urgent than ever. The adverse effects of climate change are getting more pronounced, especially in the Mediterranean basin.

It is therefore time to analyze the knowledge accumulated since the last conference, and to discuss the progress during the time elapsed. For this reason, from 14th to 17th December 2020, the 2nd CSP4Climate conference will take place, aiming to argue for global decarbonization.

The consequences of climate crisis are of global significance and emphasize the importance of the issues discussed during the previous CSP4Climate conference. The measures needed be taken should be discussed and agreed upon internationally since the passing of the time has confirmed the urgency to address the climate crisis in parallel to the current pandemic crisis, not only for the Mediterranean but worldwide.

Due to abundant available solar energy in the Mediterranean and Middle East, Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Technologies could play a very important role in the decarbonization of the Energy Sector. The challenges of CSP and the advancements of renewable energies will be discussed in conjunction to mitigation and adaptation measures through renewable energies. Furthermore, challenges and opportunities that emerge from the European environmental and cost-effective policies and measures will be presented and debated.

CSP4Climate conference intends to provide a stimulating dialog among leading Policy Makers, Scientists, and Industry Leaders from around the world, while updates and improvements on Concentrated Solar Thermal technologies will be addressed, with the ultimate goal of advancing solid proposals on how to decrease global greenhouse gas emissions.

The CSP4Climate 2020 International Conference will be held online, from 15th to 17th December 2020.  We invite to join us for this important conference.

As the previous conference, the CSP4Climate 2020 International Conference is organized under the framework of the H2020 ERA Chair CySTEM Project.

18:30 – 19:30 Session 4 CET

Join today at 19:30 EET Prof. Koundouri for her speech on EU Research and Innovation Action Agenda at the online CSP4 Climate conference.

Session 4: Research and Innovation Action Agendas to enable the Energy Transition         

Session Chair: Mr. Fabio Montagnino, Head of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, The Cyprus Institute, Cyprus.

EU Research and Innovation Action Agenda:        Prof. Phoebe Koundouri, Athens University of Economics and Business; President-Elect EAERE; Co-Chair SDSN Europe

Research and Innovation Actions towards the implementation of the National Energy and Climate Plan of Cyprus:                Prof. Alexandros Charalambides, Cyprus University of Technology. Cyprus.

Adherence to the Paris Agreement:         Prof. Constantinos Cartalis, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

Learn more at: https://csp4climate.cyi.ac.cy/

Programme: https://csp4climate.cyi.ac.cy/programme

Day 1 - Climate Change and the Transition to RES: When and How?
Tuesday 15 December 2020.  Starts 15:00 Central European Time (CET)

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