Upgraded Buildings Conference 2021


Yesterday Prof. Koundouri gave a keynote speech on “The European Green Deal driving Sustainable Recovery from COVID 19 pandemic” in the session “Building Renovation Wave Policy and Financing” at the Upgraded Buildings Conference 2021.

Watch the event at: https://youtu.be/O0qlIRB13Wc

Read more at: https://www.upgradedbuildings.gr/agenda/ , https://www.upgradedbuildings.gr/

THE CONFERENCE Buildings account for about 40% of total final energy consumption in the EU-28. Renovation of both public and private buildings is an essential measure in this context so as to achieve the European Green Deal objectives. Given the current circumstances of the COVID 19 pandemic, the building and constructions sector is requested to refurbish households so that they are energy efficient and at the same time safe and comfortable for living, working remotely, even charging an electric vehicle to secure commuting.

Upgraded Buildings Conference 2021 presents the novel technologies and latest trends in the field of renewable energy production, energy saving and smart systems application in residential buildings of Greece.