CATALYST Meeting at EYDAP premises “Greece National Centre of Vocational Excellence: A central hub and catalyst for Greece's sustainable business transformation.”

On Monday 4thof March 2024, Athens University of Economics and Business, CreativeThinking Development, and Sporos Circular Solutions, organized a CATALYST Meeting with the title: “Greece National Centre of Vocational Excellence: A central hub and catalyst for Greece's sustainable business transformation”, that was held in EYDAP premises. EYDAP, a CATALYST associate partner, isthe largest company in Greece in the water supply, sewerage and wastewater treatment sector, covering the needs of more than 40% of the country's population, supplying Attica with drinking water, the quality of which is among the best in Europe. The goal of this meeting was to present the progress of the CATALYST project and discuss the next steps, synergiesand sustainability of the project.

The event was opened by Mr. Spyros Kyritsis (Director of Education EYDAP) and Mr. Kostas Ripis (Deputy Director of Training and Research of EYDAP), and by Prof. Phoebe Koundouri (Professor Athens University of Economics and Business & Technical University of Denmark, President EAERE, Chair SDSN Global Climate Hub, Co-chair SDSN Europe, Director AE4RIA), who welcomed the participants. Then, Mr. Stelios Samios (Head of R&D at EYDAP) presented some ongoing projects that EYDAP participates in, such as Hadrian's Aqueduct, IMPETUS, NEXTGEN, and HEAVYMOFS. Mr. Aristidis Arvanitis (Head of New Technologies, Partnerships and Development Section, EU Projects Coordination Department, Strategy and Transformation Division) showcased the priorities of the Public Power Corporation S.A. (PPC), the leading Greek electric utility, with activities in electricity generation, distribution network operation, and supply of electricity to end consumers; and ongoing activities in regard togreen energy and sustainability.

The second part of the meeting was dedicated to the CATALYST project with Dr. Angelina Taneva-Veshoska (CATALYST Project Coordinator, IECE) introducing the participants to the CATALYST project “Inspire and Enable: Sustainable Business Transformation”. Mr. Papakonstantinou Dimosthenis (Director at CRETHIDEV) and Mr. Michail Delagrammatikas (Chemical Engineer, NTUA, Researcher & Project Manager, CRE.THI.DEV) presented the learning and upskilling paths of the CATALYST CoVE and Mrs. Elemi Tolli together with Mrs. Giota Koltsida (Researchers, AUEB) presented the CATALYST platform, where the 70 courses developed by CATALYST partners will be displayed. Ms. Lydia Papadaki (PhDc, Reseacher, AUEB) presented the results of the Skills mapping report and the targets and priorities of the Greek CATALYST CoVE, while Mr. Andrei Geica (Co-Founder, Chief Policy and Impact Officer at Sporos Platform)referred to the role of circular transformations of SMEs.