The Lancet COVID-19 Commission report | Lessons for the future from the COVID-19 pandemic

On September 15th The Lancet COVID-19 Commission has issued its final report on Lessons for the future from the COVID-19 pandemic.  The publication aims to “contribute to a new era of multilateral cooperation based on strong UN institutions to reduce the dangers of COVID-19, forestall the next pandemic, and enable the world to achieve the agreed goals of sustainable development, human rights, and peace.”

In this panel presentation, Commission members outlined key findings, recommendations, & lessons for the future.
Professor Phoebe Koundouri co- chair of the Green Recovery Task Force gave a speech on “Achieving the SDGs and ensuring a green and inclusive recovery” and presented the recommendations of the GreenRecovery task force.

The Lancet COVID-19 Commission details “massive global failures” of the COVID19 response & issues recommendations to:
1 End the pandemic emergency
2 Protect against future global health shocks
3 Achieve sustainable development for all

Led by Columbia University’s Professor Jeffrey Sachs, the Lancet COVID-19 Commission was established on 9 July 2020, to help governments, civil society, and the UN respond effectively to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Read the final report
Watch the virtual launch