New book: “Elgar Encyclopedia of Water Policy, Economics and Management” – Phoebe Koundouri

Professor Phoebe Koundouri’s latest book, “Elgar Encyclopedia of Water Policy, Economics and Management” is now accessible. Explore this significant addition to the Elgar Encyclopedias in the Social Sciences series by visiting the following link:

Phoebe Koundouri: “I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed to this project, especially Dr. Aggelos Alamanos who has immensely supported me in my editorial role, and each and every contributing author, in total 123 top-ranked scientists and practitioners in the field of Water Policy, Economics and Management. As always, the book is dedicated to the people that define and inspire me, my father and mother, Christos and Chrysi Koundouri, my husband, Prof. Nikitas Pittis, my daugthers, Chrysilia, Billlie and Athena”. 

Key facts about water, as documented by UNICEF. Four billion people — almost two thirds of the world’s population — experience severe water scarcity for at least one month each year. Over two billion people live in countries where water supply is inadequate. Half of the world’s population could be living in areas facing water scarcity by as early as 2025.
SDG 6 “Ensure access to water and sanitation for all. Access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene is the most basic human need for health and well-being.” is one of the most under-performing SDGs of UN Agenda 2030.

This authoritative Encyclopedia provides an innovative approach to theory, reviews, applications and examples relevant to the basic concepts of water science and water management issues in order to facilitate better interdisciplinary cooperation.
Key Features:
• Over 85 entries written by experts in the field
• Clear and concise terminology for a broader audience
• Global case studies illustrating water management issues and approaches
• Concise summaries of the most relevant accumulated knowledge
• Examples providing useful context and background information on various water-related issues

A must-read for scholars, students, and practitioners in water research policy and governance, agricultural and environmental economics, biodiversity, technology, and marine studies.