Webinar: “Circular Economy Approach in Albania: sharing of experiences"

On 2/12/21 Prof. Koundouri gave a welcoming speech at the webinar “Circular Economy Approach in Albania: sharing of experiences" which was organized by Open Society Foundation for Albania(OSFA) and QARKON: Platform for Diaspora Knowledge Gain (QARKON). Together with Prof. Koundouri, also Mr. Andi Dobrushi, Regional Coordinator for Western Balkans Foundations & Executive Director for Open Society Foundation Albania (OSFA) and Prof. Genc Alimehmeti, Director of the Project “QARKON: Platform for Diaspora Knowledge Gain”, Professor  of Management, University of Tirana and University of Bologna participated in the opening session.

The webinar was part of the project "QARKON: Platform for the Return of Knowledge", implemented by a group of experts, with the support of the Foundation Open Society for Albania (OSFA), which aimed to gather knowledge created by Albanian diaspora researchers in the fields of circular economy and renewable energy with focus on Albania; to increase the public awareness on the circular economy, as well as to advocate for the inclusion of the contribution of diaspora knowledge in the implementation of circular economy principles in Albania.