ZESC at COP26: Key Climate Solutions for the Decade of Action

The 2021 Zero Emissions Solutions Conference, organized by SDSN, will bring together leaders and scientists from businesses, governments, and academia from around the world. Happening on the sidelines of COP26, the ZESC will host up to fifteen sessions across the first week of COP featuring distinguished speakers who will showcase solutions relevant to the high-level champions thematic days including policy technology solutions for: finance, energy, youth, and nature.

Prof. Koundouri participated at the ZESC Session 2A “Economic Response Toward Covid-19 Resilience,” which talks about the opportunity Covid-19 presents for a green economy that will help countries reach their Sustainable Development commitments.

Session title: Economic Response Toward Covid-19 Resilience

2 November 2021, 9 am GMT,


During the pandemic and post-pandemic recovery, governments are urged to focus on green recovery. A green economy would significantly enhance the resilience of both economies and societies in the face of future economic recessions and environmental challenges. But many governments are unsure about what green economic recovery means for their countries, how can they demonstrate the benefit of it. This session discusses what developing countries’ governments can do to start a green recovery using experience from other countries. This session will also talk about aligning green recovery with countries’s climate ambition, how to share understanding that Covid recovery presents opportunities for alignment with climate targets, and manage political and complex policy coordination. And finally this session presents experience on doing circular economy to facilitate a Covid recovery.


  1. Phoebe Koundouri, Professor, Athens University of Economics and Business, co-chair SDSN Europe.
  2. Berly Martawardaya, Research Director, Institute for Development of Economics and Finance (INDEF).
  3. Olga Mikheeva, Research Fellow in Public Banking, UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose (IIPP).

Moderator: Guntur Sutiyono, ClimateWorks Australia

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