Management of Information Systems

Spring Semester
6 ECTS credits, Advanced Level

Course Objectives (expected learning outcomes and competences to be acquired)

This course aims to introduce to the student the essential dimensions related to the management of Information technology and Systems in modern organisations. Related topics include the pervasive role of ICTS in the economy and in organisations, IS planning and strategy, Types of IS used currently in organisations, E-business, E-commerce, Knowledge Management and e-learning, approaches for developing Information Systems, Outsourcing, the organisation and the business roles of the IS function, IS evaluation and the economics of ICT.


No prerequisite. Student should, however, be familiar with the fundamentals of IT, and understand databases and software development methods at a basic level.           

Course Content

The course largely follows the chapter structure of the book provided as essential reading (Turban et al).

Recommended Reading Material

Turban, McLean, Wetherbe (2010) Information Technology Management (8th Edition). Wiley.

Teaching Methods

Lectures, tutorials, case study workshops.

Methods of Assessment

Individual project, class assignments.