Distinction in the JA Europe Enterprise Challenge 2021

Distinction in the JA Europe Enterprise Challenge 2021

The first place in the Pan-European Competition of Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship JA Europe Enterprise Challenge 2021 was won by the inter-university "start-up" team of the Athens University of Economics and Business - National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) "Swim.me" and its "smart" cap for visually impaired people.

The 18th pan-European competition JA Europe Enterprise Challenge 2021 and the European Entrepreneurship Festival GEN-E were organized for the first time by the Junior Achievement Europe, from June 29 to July 15, and were hosted by the Junior Achievement of Lithuania.

The students of the Department of Management Science and Technology (AUEB), Ourania Vlachou and Ifigenia Vasilaki, the student of the Department of Department of Business Adimistration (AUEB) Anastasios Karamoutsos and the students of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (NTUA), Evangelos Georgakilas, Panagiota Dedousi and Dimitrios Lambros, followind their distinction in the National Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition "JA Start Up 2021" of Junior Achievement Greece, they also won the European award!

The digital idea "Swim.me" includes a wearable swimmer assistance system for their orientation in the pool. The system consists of a cap in combination with glasses intended for use in training conditions of athletes. Specifically, through integrated sensors (gyroscope, accelerometer) in the glasses, the athlete is alerted with corresponding vibrations for the exact moment of the turn and for his relative position on the track. At the same time, the connection with waterproof ultrasonic sensors in the cap, gives greater accuracy to the system. Finally, through an IoT application on the user's mobile, there is data and analytics for his performance and evolution in training.

It is recalled that the innovative digital ideas with which students of DMST participated in the competition, were fully or partially developed in the course "Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship", taught by Dr. Stavros Lounis.