Financial Applications Laboratory

Financial Applications Laboratory

Students in the Interdepartmental Master’s Programme in Finance and Banking have access to a fully-organized lab which provides a modern network of 19 work stations and is equipped with specialized software and databases which help not only in teaching the subject areas of finance and banking but also in the statistical processing and analysis of data with a complete series of statistical, mathematical and econometric packages and applications.

A series of lectures and educational seminars are conducted in the lab of the postgraduate programme, as well as in the applied labs in the main building of the University.   

In addition, the students in the Programme are provided with: 

  • Educational Seminars:
  • Reuters seminar
  • Bloomberg seminar
  • Introduction to SQL and Databases for Financial Applications

  • Direct access to and practice with a series of databases, such as:

Reuters Eikon / DataStream

  • Direct access to econometric packages for data analysis, such as:


  • Access via the AUEB network to electronic journals and electronic databases.

The applied lab of the postgraduate programme is housed in AUEB’s Postgraduate Studies and Research Building, located at 47A Evelpidon & 33 Lefkados Streets, 6th floor, Room 610.