The Heads of the Accounting and Finance Department are its President and Vice President, who are selected for a two-year term.

For the period 2021 – 2022 the President of the Department is Associate Professor Andrianos E. Tsekrekos and the Vice President is Associate Professor Leonidas C. Doukakis. The highest governing body of the Department is the General Assembly, which is composed of all members of the Teaching and Research Staff of the Department and representatives of the academic community of the Department, including students.

President: Associate Prof. Andrianos E. Tsekrekos
Office phone: +30 210 8203 928

Vice President: Associate Prof. Leonidas C. Doukakis
Office phone: +30 210 8203 121

Deputy Secretary:  Ms Marietta Panou
Office phone: +30 210 8203 300